Career Exploration with LightCastle: Highlights from SUST Job Fest 2024

LightCastle Editorial Wing
February 8, 2024
Career Exploration with LightCastle: Highlights from SUST Job Fest 2024

LightCastle Partners had the privilege of participating as both sponsors and attendees at the SUST Job Fest 2024, commencing on January 31, 2024. This event provided a valuable platform for students and graduates to engage with LightCastle, gain insights into the company, explore career paths in management consulting, and discover current and prospective opportunities within the organization.

LightCastle Team at SUST Job Fest
LightCastle's Booth at SUST Job Fest

The career expo extended over a two-day period, during which we received a positive response, and a significant number of individuals visited the LightCastle booth. A notable number of individuals visited, acquainting themselves with the company, inquiring about current and recurring job openings, and seizing the opportunity to either apply for specific positions or leave their details for future consideration.

FGD at the SUST Job Fest

Additionally, we organized Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Key Informant Interviews (KII) with female STEM graduates as part of the SheStem projects. The aim was to delve deeper into the challenges faced by female STEM graduates, explore future prospects and opportunities, and identify potential obstacles they currently encounter or may face post-graduation. During these sessions, participants shared their insights, highlighted existing gaps, and offered recommendations for further exploration and improvement.

LightCastle was represented by a total of five individuals across the entire SUST job fair, FGD, and KII events. The representatives included Omar Farhan Khan – Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager, Rasel Rana – Chief Technology Officer, Ameera Fairooz – Business Consultant, Nuzhat Naoshin – HR Officer, and Ramisa Tasnuma – MEL Analyst (DevLearn).

It was a wonderful opportunity to establish connections, as we strongly value diversity. We aim to reach students from various backgrounds and institutes, introducing them to LightCastle and encouraging them to join our team, fostering a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture. Our aim extends beyond Dhaka; we want students from all over Bangladesh to be aware of and join LightCastle.

If you missed the event but are interested in applying for current openings or being considered for future opportunities at LightCastle Partners, please visit our careers page and stay connected with our social media channels for updates on potential openings.

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