Thinking Qualitatively: Principles of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research

LightCastle Editorial Wing
January 17, 2024
Thinking Qualitatively: Principles of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research

LightCastle recently organized a session titled “Principles of Ethnography and Qualitative Research” to enhance comprehension of qualitative research fundamentals and diverse approaches. The goal was to enable participants to develop an in-depth understanding and apply this knowledge to align with research requirements. M. Rakinul Islam– Business Analyst and Priyo Pranto– Business Consultant from LightCastle jointly conducted the session on January 3, 2024.

Presentation on research methodology
Presentation on qualitative research

Both presenters had the privilege of attending a 3-day session led by Professor Dr. Shahaduz Zaman, currently serving as a Professor in Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the University of Sussex, UK. Professor Zaman designed the course for researchers and development practitioners in public sector institutes, NGOs, academia, and civil society organizations involved in qualitative, ethnographic, or mixed-method projects.

Participants of the session on qualitative research

The session aimed to transfer the acquired knowledge to the team in detail, emphasizing the sharing of insights with the entire team. It covered the importance of qualitative research, foundational understanding, research themes, and preferred approaches, and concluded with an exploration of tools and methodologies, including best practices and pitfalls.

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