Bangladesh Startup Investment Report 2022: A Year In Review [Readable Version]

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January 23, 2023
Bangladesh Startup Investment Report 2022: A Year In Review [Readable Version]

Investors Of 2022

Top investors in Bangladesh startups in 2022

Local And Global Investors Funded 40 Bangladeshi Startups In 2022

Top investors in Bangladesh startups in 2022
Top investors in Bangladesh startups in 2022

Early Stage Funding Continued To Dominate The Number Of Deals Funded by Venture Capitals, Angels, Accelerators & Incubators

As the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem matures, late-stage investments are making up an increasing portion of the total investments raised. Yet, early-stage fundings continue to make up the majority of deals made.

  • 59% of total investments went to Series-B+ rounds. A large proportion of the Series-B+ investments were by Venture Capital Funds to ShopUp and Chaldal. 
  • Early-stage fundings, such as pre-seed and seed rounds, made up 29 out of 45 deals (58%), led mostly by Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors.
  • On average Seed stages and Series-A rounds received the largest investments other than the USD 63 Mn Series-B+ injection into ShopUp.
Graph showing the proportion of startup funding across different stages

Financial Services (Embedded Finance/Fintech) Remained The Star Sector With ShopUp’s USD 63 Mn Deal Securing 2022’s Biggest Investment

Despite a dip from 2021, Financial Services (Embedded Finance/Fintech) took the lead once again in raising the most investments in 2022. Logistics & Mobility and Education also saw a high investment volume.

Graph illustrating startup funding raised by each sector

Education, Ecommerce & Retail, And Travel & Tourism Funding Surged Followed By Software & Technology And Food & Agriculture

Graph showing the biggest startups in each sector that have raised funding

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