Product Testing
    Customer Satisfaction
    Brand Tracking
    Campaign Measurement
    Market Trend

    Design your own survey

    You can either choose survey templates from our rich repository of templates and edit as required or develop from scratch.

    Collect survey on go

    The platform is connected with a mobile application that collects responses – even in offline.

    View results in real-time

    A master web dashboard, consisting of visually pleasing analytics and multiple report formats, allows organizations to view results in real-time as surveys come in.

    Collect through multiple enumerators

    Organizations can also create multiple user accounts to have surveys collected through several enumerators.

    Geo track responses

    The platform features geo tracking, enabling organizations to track specific response locations.

    Other Features

    • 13 types of closed- and open-ended questions
    • Auto-save questions
    • Download reports in multiple formats
    • Have full data ownership

    Use Cases

    Collected 450 responses in just 3 days and promptly incorporated the analysis into the study – which turned out to be a resounding success!

    Collected 2,000 responses in just 2 hours and launched a product that customers loved!

     Collected 768 detailed farmer responses from 7 districts in 1/3rd the time – with accurate geo-tracked locations of each farmer!

    Let’s deliver the right solution for your business